Artschild aspires to bring to light the artistic approaches of our time, tracing our art history.

The art dealer Daniel Delamare, with a great experience in this field, leads our team passionate about art. Under the name of Artschild, you will find ambitious projects led by a team of ten people, headed by the art dealer Daniel Delamare. Our team is bound by the same passion, ART. We are committed to working with artists, to offer them projects and spaces that match there ambitions. We wish to participate in the accessibility and the diffusion of contemporary art. For this, our digital platform linked to physical events, is a showcase for international artists, both emerging and established. Through our projects, we allow artists to approach a new public in search of discoveries.
We have designed an application dedicated to art in record time, which we inaugurate during our first exhibition,
in front of the Palais de l’Elysée, in September 2021.