Masked and on (postponed to Jan. 2021)

is all set and ready to give you a delightful and tasty journey throughout the heart of art creation in Paris.
We offer a unique and ephemeral place to contemporary art players, in order to help them showcase their works and interact with collectors and any kind of afficionnados. More than 300 established and emerging artists storm the builing and setlle down for a week, enabling any visitor to step back, understand where contemporary creation is heading, and admire ! Let’s discover, meet, stare and discuss. Let’s try to understand and link ourselves to creation. ARTSCHILD takes you through all the trends of contemporary art, in the alleys of a grandiose building, stelled at one of the angles of the mythical rue La Boétie.


« Boétie… »

In the heart of Paris 8th, at the corner of Rue La Boétie, in the Mecca of art since the 20th century, “Boétie” stands, a building belonging to Gecina’s heritage.

ARTSCHILD settles down for a while, in this building of over 9,000 m². The place, currently being restructured by Gecina, is undergoing a metamorphosis: artists estblishes themselves in this place for a week and shape it to immerse you in their universe. Visitors will stroll among the unique works, from the first floor to the rooftop, from where they can enjoy a precious and unique Parisian vue.


Discover a cultural space where contemporary art is in the spotlight.

ARTSCHILD gives you the opportunity to interact with artists and admire a multitude of practices brought together for the exhibition. Sculptors, painters, photographers, designers are waiting to meet you and share their commitments, their worlds and their action with their own words.

A vast majority of the presented artworks will be for sale, so you’ll be able to bring some home, for a fair price.

The exhibition will be held end of January 2021, 37 rue La Boétie, Paris 8th

(booking to be opened soon)


We believe that you are the best ambassadors for your work. For this first opus, more than 9000 m² are dedicated to you. ARTSCHILD’s vocation is to facilitate the exchange between you, your audience and professionals. You will have the opportunity promote yourself and sell your works.

Eventually, ARTSCHILD provides a way to keep in touch with those to whom an interest was raised on your work during the exhibition through a multilingual online platform where you will be able to sell your productions. ARTSCHILD tends to broaden your horizons, as well as to increase and strengthen the recognition of your work.