The ARTSCHILD exhibition is a tremendous project bringing together 300 contemporary artists in the heart of Paris. An event embracing exhibitions, performances, vernissages, public sales … As an artist, you can join ARTSCHILD to show and sell your works next January.

ARTSCHILD makes every effort to welcome you in this unique space.

Registration process

We recommend to read the exhibitor guide before proceeding to the application form.


Step 1

I fill in the application form below


Step 2

My application is validated by the ARTSCHILD committee


Step 3

ARTSCHILD provides my login details to access my “Personal space” to finalize my registration

Selection Committee

Artits are enabled to exhibit their work by the selection committee who is made up of of members of the ARTSCHILD team and experts from the artworld.

Daniel Delamare, father of the project; Ingrid Pacoret and Jérémy Amar, exhibition curators; as well as La Ruche, the creative team; will go together in search of great talents.

We invite you to register as soon as possible in order to increase your chances of being selected by the Committee.

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