Almost 50 contemporary
artistes exposed in front
of the Elysée

Exhibition Sept 2021

Faubourg Saint Honoré

For its first edition, the Artschild exhibition presented nearly fifty artists: a fragment of the countless works of artists with contemporary questions. It is an accessible, heterogeneous and new look that we have proposed, in three singular and convivial spaces, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in Paris, facing one of the symbols of the French Republic : the Elysée Palace.
The September exhibition, was intended to answer the following question:
In 2021, which trends stand out in contemporary art?
Light, sound and interactive installations, video inlays, hybridizations, transhumanist works, augmented reality, 3D prints, weavings, painting, stone sculptures, marble, plaster, ceramics, cinematographic photography, digital collages…
The practices presented were as diverse as they were surprising. Between multidisciplinarity and crossing of the means, the artists master and combine traditional techniques as well as digital tools, to give birth to installations and singular works.
The exhibition was intended to be full of originality, to surprise the visitors with humor, inventions and fantasy: monumental, interactive or playful works… You could meet captivating photographs with dark settings in a separate room; a series of curious cabins; a basement that contained childish sculptures alone; a flying marble door, a dress in a yellow vest haute couture, a bathroom out of another dimension, characters with half-robotic and half-organic forms…

The 12-day exhibition was enlivened by vernissages and parties that attracted an enthusiastic and numerous public. During an evening performance, artists such as Marie Serruya, Madeleine Calafell, Smith 367, proposed participative or captivating interventions.

Madeleine Calafell & Mathieu Demester

I clay

Participatory performance

Fete de la lune

Smith 367

Me, my mesh and I

Marie Serruya

the green fellow

Smith 367

 For the closing ceremony, we announced the winner of the Artschild prize, Smith 367. The artist whose work received the most applause from the public, on the application received the prize of 5000 euros. With this event, Artschild wishes to encourage the creation, research and development of artists.
The artist without limits of inventions, with a confusing work, collected the most applause on the application and thus received the reward of 5000 euros. With this event, Artschild wishes to encourage the creation, research and development of artists.