Godwin LIU

Godwin LIU paints everything from his heart, without taboos or programs, but only what he thinks and understands in his mind, not even the image of a flash of his mind.

As a result, when we look at his paintings, we have a different visual experience instead of standardized visual forms. This kind of visual illusion breaks the rules, it does not come from direct vision, but from the artist’s inner moments, both the emotions, moods and moods he wants to express and his sudden fantasies, which are transformed into intertwined and strange forms. These images seem to be wandering and trance-like, but they project the incandescent love and humanity conjured up in his true nature, as if they were a series of events reborn from his hallucinations, an experience and spiritual impact unimagined by people of his generation. Despite the trials and tribulations, he remains resilient and reborn like a spring.

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He is an independent professional oil painting artist who seeks the truth through dreams, and a practitioner of allegorical transformation of painting art.