Hyungsub Choi

Living beings are influenced by their environment, in constant evolution we are in unison with this nature to which we belong and that we too often forget. We are surrounded by ripples: according to quantum mechanics, full and empty, we are only interactions.
I have been working on capturing my feelings and emotions, doing introspection where I try to retain the forms, colors and movements cohabiting in me and that I will retranscribe on the canvas.
My painting practice is like a musical score. Nature is too: a composition of innumerable vibrations, notes and signs which once added together present us with a coherent, vibrant and sensitive whole. I observe natural phenomena evolving over time such as clouds, waves or sand dunes. These observations are mixed with my feelings and thoughts, which I then try to translate on the canvas through painting.

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If existence is a point and life is a line, then we are all points and lines.  —Lee Ufan