Jules Goliath

My work aims to question, through space and architecture, our relationship to time and disappearance, or how to summon memory through the fragment. This work of research passes in particular by the study of the ruin, which is according to me, the object which is most specific to the real. It is attached to ephemeral materials, however solid they may be, which take on the marks of time on their surfaces and let absence appear at the expense of presence, until they disappear and join oblivion.

The shadowy zones, the hollows, the gaps, the doubts and all these voids are inscribed in plastic proposals, which are only a way of leaving open doors for the spectator. These cracks mark a break in the potential hermetic aspect of the exhibition exercise. A crack in which the viewer is invited to slip through. These gaps that exist in an installation, a composition or a story, are an integral part of the work, like neutral extensions of the material leaving a place for the viewer to evolve. As much as one appropriates a place with the abandonment by activating it by our simple presence.

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« The material, once I fracture it, releases its inner hollows, the unsuspected traces of a past and an imaginary future.They open up to the eye and to wandering. »