Kwangbum Jang

How to materialize a dynamic dimension in a static work? How to capture a progressive flow in an inert figuration? How, therefore, to fix time in a painting?

Jang Kwang-Bum’s paintings effectively achieve the synthesis of past, present and future, in the present: the gestation of a painting is a process that develops during the succession of present moments, each of which implies the previous ones and projects itself towards the following ones, in the unfolding of a period that extends from the blank canvas to the finished work. During this creative operation, the artist remembers the original idea, actualizes it in the present moment by producing the image and directs his action according to the inspiration of the future painting. Finally, in the place of its exhibition, the creative act is past, yet it is in the present moment that the observer is confronted with the image, which, moreover, can arouse in him memories, wishes, hopes.

Dirk Monu KENNIS

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These traces had accumulated over time, amassed ( … ) Informal and elusive, they represented time and made visible  » the present of the past ».