In an age where mixing inspirations and practices is commonplace, Artschild offers a new mean for artists to express themselves share their work and practices, and engage with their audience in simpler ways than on other platforms.

The social network is available on IOS and Android.

The Artschild application is a professional space for all plastic artists : painters, sculptors, performers, photographers and more. A real space to sell and share their work through meaningful, intuitive and playful ways such as photos, videos and live exhibitions.

Artschild has already built up a valuable repertoire of artists from various artistic backgrounds. The network will make it possible to represent the French and international contemporary art scene to the maximum:

At launch

  • The artists will promote and sell their works. Through the network, the artists will gain visibility.

In time

  • The public will be able to follow and support their favorite artists, make discoveries, start or continue a collection.
  • The people present on the network will be able to propose offers of collaborations, employment, call for projects directly to the artists present on the platform.
  • Companies, museums, galleries, art professionals, as well as dealers or collectors will be able to follow, locate and contact artists.

The platform will expand to accommodate all the arts: painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, video art, digital art but also performing arts, cinema, music, literature, design …