Seungsoo Baek

My work has evolved over time: from an external and superficial point of view at the beginning, representing only visible exchanges, I then moved towards a certain introspection. I asked myself about internal interactions and how to translate them. Trying to implement these forms and colors, cog of a whole which is that of the human being and the living beings in a broader way.

The other aspect of my practice deals with the human being within civilization, torn between the fact of melting into the mass, becoming an element among others within a globality and the will to prove its existence, its singularity and thus reveal or find its color, its forms belonging to each one.

My works try to put in form this duality which is in us or at least that we could already experiment. These internal and external movements confronting in us.

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My practice of sculpture revolves around life, what constitutes it: this idea of a coherent whole in perpetual change due to the external and internal interactions of the body.